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Student Quotes

"Dunn's MVC course was remarkable. I'd read many books including Freemans and didn't get it. Dunn made things clear with an easy to undersnad lecure and great code examples. I highly recommend this class."
Seth G. - Media Company

"I really appreciated Mark Dunn's ability to tailor the content of the class to the level of the students. Since we had some familiarity, rather than rotely following the material he spent enough time with everything to make sure we were comfortable and then used the rest of the time to delve more deeply into specific questions we have"
Brian S. - Mid Western University

"Dunn's CSLA 4 training was phenomenal!!! It significantly advanced our team's knowledge of CSLA 4 and helped layout the roadmap for our future development. The instructor holistically demonstrated how CSLA works with MVVM, Silverlight, WPF, Expression, OO Programming and Code Generators. He also successfully answered extremely challenging CSLA questions that were thrown at him during class. Our team is pretty knowledgeable with CSLA and the other technologies, but he took us to an entirely new level, sprinkled in some nice tips, tied it all together, and reenergized our team. The training was well worth the money."
Gary D. - Large Retail Store Chain

"The willingness of our trainer to discuss how the material applied to our specific applications and situations allowed me to get an extraordinary amount of knowledge that I could put to real use immediately after taking the CSLA 4 training class."
Jason H, - National Bank Chain

"This is a very informative class with extremely knowledgeable and approachable instructors.  The class did a great job presenting solutions to difficult real-world Biztalk scenarios.  The group taking this class were passionate about learning BizTalk and all seemed very satisfied with the results."
Sushant Anand, SchoolOne

"There is no way I could have gotten to the point I am right now without this class.  The books and internet resources out there right now are just too scarce for BizTalk 2006.  Everything covered in this class is important."
Paul O'Brien, AccuLink

"The DUNN Training BizTalk Bootcamp gave me the tools I need to attack projects with confidence.  The extras we received in class (Tips, Tools, Debugging, Security, ect..) doubled the value of the class which was already outstanding.  Mark Dunn and Mark Berry really put on an excellent training course!"
Mike Stansell, Atlantic Marine

This course presents a tremendous amount of technical detail - the days are full.  I found that I had no problem sitting in class for the entire 10 hour days.  The instructor stayed late each day for questions and extra project help.  I really liked having the course held in the hotel."
Doug Kemp, NORIS

"Super instructors - very willing to not only teach but also listen to class needs and change pace and direction as needed. DUNN Training provided an excellent look into BizTalk and its benefits deployed in various business environments.  If you are thinking about BizTalk or simply want to get better at what you are doing with BizTalk this is the training to attend."  
Todd Bryant, Great Southern Wood Preserving 

"DUNN Training has done more to help move my BizTalk knowledge base to the next level than any online for print resource could have possibly done.  Their depth of knowledge and presentation skills are second to none.  I would recommend their curriculum to anyone looking to stay on the leading edge of development."
Dan Woolston, InnerSpace
Author "Pro Ajax and the .Net 2.0 Platform" and "Foundations of BizTalk Server 2006" from Apress

"What you learn here in 5 days is probably equivalent to more than what you would learn on your own in 1 year!"
Thai Do, Opus Construction

"DUNN Training, without a doubt, possesses the right balance of expertise and ability to explain complex topics.  I never once questioned their expertise with BizTalk and other Microsoft products.  More than once, I felt the instructors went the extra mile for the students.  I also appreciate the instructors' ability to engage the class.  Developers can be a tough crowd."
Dan Curtis, AECI

"This course exceeded my expectations.  It's great to have instructors that can communicate complex problems and solutions in real world scenarios."
Steven Porter, Wintellect
"Gifted and concerned people with a professional commitment to sharing their knowledge.  Enthusiastic, tireless, and honest."
Johnny Nobles, GSWP

"I really appreciate the fact that the instructors were committed to answering all of our questions and making sure we left with the knowledge needed to accomplish the tasks specific to our company's implementation."
Glen Cooper, AIM Healthcare

"I came to this class with two things, a very large problem to solve and a very modest knowledge of CSLA.  What I left with was a solution to the problem using CSLA and enough knowledge to create a prototype on my airplane trip home.  This class was worth every penny and every minute of time.  The instructor, Miguel Castro, was awesome.  DUNN Training Rocks!!"
Leah Bialic, Cambridge Soft

"The approach taken with this class was refreshing. Instead of the typical instructor/student environment, I felt like I was in a room of colleagues working together to learn; this was a definite plus.  I rate this class 10 out of 10.  Overall, this class was everything I needed.  Miguel's knowledge and passion for CSLA made it worth every penny."
Alan Gamboa, CCG Systems

"This class was a huge help. Definitely money well spent. "
Chris Williams, Magenic

"This class provides a wonderful, concrete clarification to the CSLA .Net Framework."
Theo Moore, Magenic

"I need to thank you once again for getting me committed to CSLA. I have always been interested in CSLA, but in the past, never actually made it to the point of applying the technology.  I have never took the time required to understand, let alone evaluate the technology.  Your course and enthusiasm, combined with chapters 6-8 of Rocky's book, burst me through the evaluation barrier, something I did not thing possible in less than 3 months."
Dave Boal,

"Before you use CSLA, come talk to Miguel and Mark! I really enjoyed the coding along approach in this class."
Ira Dobrow, AIB

"If you are looking for a great class on the CSLA framework then this is for you. Great code, very friendly and comfortable atmosphere."
Keith Sirmons, Texas A&M

"Great class. Helped me understand how to use CSLA in a practical way."
Jordan Castille, Texas A&M

"This course is well worth the $$!  My favorite part of the course was the coverage of using CSLA with ASP .Net.  I feel ready to go forward with projects now."
David Slaughter, Siemens

"Rockford Lhotka, Miguel Castro, and Mark Dunn create a dynamic trio when they all come together in training from DUNN Training on CSLA!  They truly respect the  professionalism and pace expectations of the experienced developers.  This course is a real bonus for the serious coders and architects."
Richard Eaton,

"Great exposure and introduction to CSLA.  I look forward to rereading the book and feel like I can understand the content after attending the class!"
Brenda Pasquarello, AIB

"Great way to learn CSLA and have fun doing it."
Keith Lawrence, Mohawk

"At first, I was not sold on the need for CSLA.  After attending this class and seeing the examples and proof, I'm on the bandwagon.  This class proved the usefulness of CSLA and sold me on giving up writing all the plumbing myself."
Cody House, US Xpress

"Miguel and Mark have provided one of the best ways to get up to speed using CSLA."
Robert Lathrop, US Xpress

"I really enjoyed this class.  My goal was to learn more about CSLA and I got a great overview of the framework and enough detail to take it from here without extra reading.  Miguel knows what he's talking about and has a very active and positive way in connecting with the audience."
Thomas Fischer, US Xpress

"I really enjoyed the class and recommend it to anyone learning CSLA."
Zach Moore, Magenic

"This was a very informative class not only about CSLA but other valuable techniques, patterns and practices."
Murali Pdala, US Xpress

"This class is an excellent introduction to the CSLA framework.  Miguel brings lots of insights on practical uses of the framework."
Craig Robinson, US Xpress

"Very good class.  I like the fact that Miguel preached some standards and shared his thoughts on development issues beyond CSLA."
S Frost, US Xpress

"This class was very good and informative.  I have certainly learned a lot!"
M Welch, US Xpress

"This class presented a very good and practical overview of the CSLA framework.  The instruction was immediately useful to me.  I was able to implement various CSLA concepts into an existing application quickly and successfully.  Thank you!"
Michele Pickett, US Xpress

"A great intro to using CSLA.  I'd recommend attending this class before reading the book."
Byron Crowell, IT Solution Journal

"The best career enhancing training investment I have made in the last 10 years.  Rocky is lucky to have the DUNN team doing this training.  Great stuff - solid, professional and accurate."
Jim Coons, State of Tennessee

"Fantastic!  This class has changed my outlook on using business objects.  Miguel is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend this training to other developers."
Joe Kriss, US Xpress


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