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Mentoring Services

DUNN Training is pleased to announce a new Mentoring Service to agencies and corporations. Mentoring involves knowledge transfer to a group working on a project where training parts are highly customized to target the skills required to meet the end goal of said project. Before starting the mentoring service, pre-event meetings with the client will take place in order to gather requirements, assess project member skills, and the assigning of research and lab work prior to the event for project team members.

The Overview

The time frame of each mentoring session will be short engagements ranging from one to three days. The brevity allows for us to focus on small goals such as starting a project, fixing any major bugs through the education of debugging techniques, or a review session of a project. A project might have multiple mentoring sessions throughout its lifecycle that encapsulate the issues previously mentioned by addressing different technologies or taking the next step as milestones are reached.

The Daily Breakdown

The mentoring day is typically divided into a customized training session in the morning and live mentoring work on the client’s project with the team in the afternoon. This allows for the team to learn about a new technology and immediately integrate said technology into their real-world work. A professional mentor may be hired for any or all of the phases of software development including the initial planning, architecture, design, development, implementation, debugging and testing, and deployment and installation. Mentors will answer team member questions via email throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Virtual Mentoring

If face-to-face mentoring does not accommodate one’s business, we do offer virtual mentoring. This is done through video conferencing and email. This is beneficial to those who own small businesses or live in rural or remote communities. Virtual mentoring will typically be less expensive than face-to-face mentoring along with more options for mentors, and flexibility on time and days.

Customer Quote

Mark Dunn’s mentoring class is a tremendous success for us. Having new developers work on actual project assignments for work is a win win. We get twice the bang for the buck, and it exponentially accelerates the learning curve of new developers. We are done with the traditional class model.

Brett Scott, IT Director
Alabama Real Estate Commission

NEW for 2018!

Softskills Mentoring and Seminars with Michael Krasowski

We are pleased to offer this additional content and provide customers with a mentor and coach that has many years of management, technology, and leadership experience. Michael Krasowski is currently the General Manager of Fairway Technologies and brings over 35 years of industry experience. Michael was the Director of Information Technology at the Long Beach division of Boeing. He was responsible for all aspects of computing – strategic planning, architecture, application lifecycle, asset management, and outsource management – where he managed a budget of over $90 million dollars and 140+ people.

Michael also has been an instructor at UCLA and University of California, Irvine's extension program. Michael has been a speaker at industry conferences, such as DevIntersection, Advisor’s Conference, DevConnections, Code Camp and Informant Conferences specializing in best practices of management, project management, leadership, communication, requirements gathering and estimating projects.

Michael holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from UCLA, and has published several articles on computer technology. Michael is also a Pluralsight instructor since 2013 having developed several courses on project management, project requirements, project estimating, leadership and communication.

Practical Team Management for Software Engineers

This course teaches you the skills and guidance to immediately make a practical impact on your team management capabilities. You'll learn how to be more effective at developing processes to manage and lead your team.

Leadership and Communication Skills for Software Engineers

Leading and managing even a small team is no easy task, especially when you're a software engineer that's used to technical assignments. It takes great communication (written and verbal) and leadership. This course, Leadership and Communication Skills for Software Engineers, will teach you these two skills. First, you'll go over communication techniques that are essential for meeting with your internal/external customers, interviewing them, making presentations, and so much more. Next, you'll learn how to grow and cultivate a team of software engineers, interview candidates, hire, determine training needs, and develop the processes and standards for the team. Finally, you'll determine just how to lead, motivate, and manage your new team towards the business goals identified in your customer meetings and your manager's expectations. By the end of this course, you will be able to apply your leadership and communication skills, methods, tools and techniques to support your activities and responsibilities of a team leader.

Best Practices for Project Estimation

This course will help you take the guess work out of estimating your projects. Are you afraid of making estimates? You are not alone. Do you know why making quality estimates and tracking actuals is so important? Learn the importance of accurate estimating and how that skill will help you define and manage your customers' expectations. Discover the difference between 'ideal time' and 'elapsed time,' and why your estimates need to encompass both. Learn the anatomy of an estimate along with lean and agile techniques to make your life easier. Come learn some great tools and techniques you can begin using your first day back on the job.

Best Practices for Requirements Gathering

This course begins with the fundamentals of the requirements process, including project definition template, the uncertainty of requirements, nailing down stakeholders, and the skills needed to be a requirements analyst. Next we explore how requirements gathering in an Agile environment works. And lastly, we review practical tools to guide the student from user cases/stories, work flows, mockups, business rules, and data model to produce a solid specification that meets a customer's expectations.

Project Management for Software Engineers

Are you having difficulty managing your projects? Are you about to enter the uncharted territory of project management? Do you know how to communicate effectively to your customer, teammates, and your management? Quickly learn common sense, experienced-based tips and pointers on how to improve your project management skills. Discover how to find the 'right' people for your team. Learn the practical elements of working with customers, people, technology, processes, and 'connecting' them successfully to be more effective at your job.

We will be offering the above courses throughout the year in the form of onsite team mentoring for customers with 8 or more students and as public seminars each quarter for State of Alabama agencies. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an event for your team.

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