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Mentoring Services

DUNN Training is pleased to announce a new Mentoring Service to agencies and corporations. Mentoring involves knowledge transfer to a group working on a project where training parts are highly customized to target the skills required to meet the end goal of said project. Before starting the mentoring service, pre-event meetings with the client will take place in order to gather requirements, assess project member skills, and the assigning of research and lab work prior to the event for project team members.

The Overview

The time frame of each mentoring session will be short engagements ranging from one to three days. The brevity allows for us to focus on small goals such as starting a project, fixing any major bugs through the education of debugging techniques, or a review session of a project. A project might have multiple mentoring sessions throughout its lifecycle that encapsulate the issues previously mentioned by addressing different technologies or taking the next step as milestones are reached.

The Daily Breakdown

The mentoring day is typically divided into a customized training session in the morning and live mentoring work on the client’s project with the team in the afternoon. This allows for the team to learn about a new technology and immediately integrate said technology into their real-world work. A professional mentor may be hired for any or all of the phases of software development including the initial planning, architecture, design, development, implementation, debugging and testing, and deployment and installation. Mentors will answer team member questions via email throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Virtual Mentoring

If face-to-face mentoring does not accommodate one’s business, we do offer virtual mentoring. This is done through video conferencing and email. This is beneficial to those who own small businesses or live in rural or remote communities. Virtual mentoring will typically be less expensive than face-to-face mentoring along with more options for mentors, and flexibility on time and days.

Customer Quote

Mark Dunn’s mentoring class is a tremendous success for us. Having new developers work on actual project assignments for work is a win win. We get twice the bang for the buck, and it exponentially accelerates the learning curve of new developers. We are done with the traditional class model.

Brett Scott, IT Director
Alabama Real Estate Commission

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