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ADO.NET 4.0 with LINQ and Entity Framework using VS 2010

PDF:  Syllabus
Course Length: 5 days   
Price: $2,500

This course is a great fit for students with .NET programming experience that are new to database programmer or want to ramp up their skill set to include LINQ and Entity Framework.  Students completing this course will have a good, overall perspective on the use and best practices for the new and existing database programming options in the .NET 4.0 Framework.

Who Should Attend?
Students should be familiar with using C# as a programming language and the fundamentals of either Windows Forms  or ASP.NET Web development.  If you are not familiar with C#, Windows Forms or ASP.NET development, we recommend our  “Introduction to C# .NET using Visual Studio” and “Introduction to ASP.NET 4.0 Web Development using Visual Studio and C#” classes as a prerequisite courses.  Students should also have a fundamental understanding of relational databases and SQL (Structured Query Language).  If you need to learn more about database development fundamentals, we recommend our “SQL Server 2008 for Developers” class.

Course Outline

Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Introduction to Database Programming
    • Introduction to Client/Server Systems
    • Introduction to Relational Databases
    • Using SQL to work with a Relational Database
    • Working with Views, Functions, Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • Introduction to ADO.NET 4.0
    • Overview of ADO.NET
    • ADO.NET Data Providers and their Classes
    • ADO.NET Datasets
    • How ADO.NET Applications are Structured
Rapid Application Development and Prototyping with Data Sources and Datasets
  • Working with Data Sources and Datasets
    • Creating a Data Source
    • Using a Data Source
    • Handling Data Errors
    • Using the Dataset Designer
  • Working with Bound Controls and Parameterized Queries
    • Bound Text Boxes and Combo Boxes
    • Parameterized Queries
    • Binding with the ToolStrip Control
    • Working with the DataGridView Control
  • Using the Dataset Designer
    • Working with an Existing Dataset Schema
    • Using the Query Builder
    • Creating a New Dataset Schema
    • Working with Typed Datasets
n-Tier Data Application Design
  • Connections, Commands and Data Readers
    • Creating and Working with Connections and Commands
    • Working with Data Readers
    • Working with Commands
    • Handling Scalar Return Values and Action Queries
  • Working with Parameters and Stored Procedures
  • Working with Transactions
  • Developing with Object Data Sources
  • Developing a Complete Application
  • Introduction to LINQ
    • Basic Concepts
    • Coding Query Expressions
    • Using Extension Methods and Lambda Expressions
  • LINQ to DataSet
  • LINQ to SQL
    • Using the O/R Designer
    • Working with Bound Controls
    • Modifying Data
    • Concurrency Management
    • Using Stored Procedures
  • Using LINQ Data Source Controls with Web Applications
  • LINQ to XML
Entity Framework
  • Creating an Entity Data Model
    • Using the Wizard
    • Using the Designer
    • Customizing an Entity Data Model
  • LINQ to Entities
  • Using Entity SQL
  • Using Entity Data Source Controls with Web Applications


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