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C++ Programming

Course Length: 5 days or two 3 day classes


This is a great first course in C++, whether you’re a programming novice or an experienced programmer. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Section 1 teaches the basics of working with the C++ language and Visual Studio. Here, you’ll learn how to develop a simple Windows application.
  • Section 2 presents the data types, control structures, and other essential elements of the C++ language, as well as the core .NET classes for Windows applications.
  • Section 3 teaches the powerful object-oriented programming features of the C++ language. Here, you’ll learn how to create your own business and data access classes, and you’ll learn how to use the data access classes to populate the business objects with data from files. You’ll also learn how to use inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, and much more.
  • Section 4 shows how to work with text, binary, and XML files. That’s one way to provide the data that is used to populate the business objects of an application.
  • Section 4 ends with a module that shows you how to use the tools and features of Visual Studio to work with legacy C and native C++ programs. This means that you’ll learn how to compile and run the thousands of legacy programs that are available. You’ll also learn how to enhance legacy programs and how to use legacy code in Windows Forms applications and Visual Studio console applications.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn language fundamentals and how to use C++ to develop Windows Forms applications.

  • It works if you’re new to programming.
  • It works if you’re new to Microsoft’s .NET development environment.
  • It works if you’re an experienced .NET developer who’s new to C++.
  • It works if you have programming experience with another language like Java, C#, or COBOL.

And it works if you’ve already read some books or attended other C++ courses and still don’t know how to develop a real-world business application.

Course Outline

Section 1 An Introduction to Visual Studio

Module 1 How to get started with Visual Studio

Module 2 How to design a Windows Forms application

Module 3 How to code and test a Windows Forms application

Section 2 The C++ language essentials

Module 4 How to work with numeric and string data

Module 5 How to code control structures

Module 6 How to code methods and event handlers

Module 7 How to handle exceptions and validate data

Module 8 How to use arrays and collections

Module 9 How to work with dates and strings

Module 10 More skills for working with Windows forms and controls

Module 11 How to debug an application

Section 3 Object-oriented programming

Module 12 How to create and use classes

Module 13 How to work with indexers, delegates, events, and operators

Module 14 How to work with inheritance

Module 15 How to work with interfaces and generics

Module 16 How to organize and document your classes

Section 4 Other Skills for C++ Developers

Module 17 How to work with files and data streams

Module 18 How to work with XML files

Module 19 How to work with legacy C and native C++ code

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