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SQL Server 2012 for Developers

PDF:  Syllabus
Course Length: 5 days   
Price: $2,500

Students will learn the basics of using SQL Server to store and retrieve data. Also students will learn the basics of SQL syntax and a quick introduction to administration of SQL Server databases.

Who Should Attend?
Students should be familiar with basic programming techniques and have familiarity with .NET programming techniques.

Course Outline

Introduction to SQL 
  • Introduction to relational databases and SQL
  • Using SQL Management Studio

Essential SQL skills  
  • Retrieve data from a single table
  • Retrieve data from two or more tables
  • Code summary queries
  • Code subqueries
  • Insert, update, and delete data
  • Working with data types and functions

Database design and implementation  
  • Design a database
  • Create and maintain databases and tables with SQL statements
  • Use Management Studio for database design

Advanced SQL skills  
  • Work with views
  • Code scripts
  • Code stored procedures, functions, and triggers
  • Work with cursors
  • Manage transactions and locking
  • Manage database security
  • Work with XML
  • Work with BLOBs

CLR integration  
  • Introduction to CLR integration
  • Code CLR stored procedures, functions, and triggers
  • Code aggregate functions and user-defined types


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