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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

PDF:  Syllabus
Course Length: 3 days   
Price: $2,250

This course will enable technology professionals with little or no ETL experience and minimal exposure to SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 to be comfortable and productive with the SSIS tools and technologies. In this course you will learn about the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and building Database Maintenance Plans. You will be introduced to the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) and working with Control Flow and Data Flow. You will also become familiar with SSIS package management and package deployment along with learning to write solid code using debugging, error handling and logging techniques.

Who Should Attend?
This course assumes no prior knowledge of SQL Server Integration Services. This course does assume prior knowledge of SQL Server 2008 and the use of SQL Server Management Studio for development and administrative tasks. You should be able to create CRUD (create, retrieve, update, and delete) queries using T-SQL, understand basic relational databases design, run script files and diagnose problems that occur, and have experience building applications that access data stored in SQL Server. You must also know how to connect to an instance of SQL Server 2008 using the various connection dialog boxes in Management Studio and development tools.

Course Outline

A Guided Tour of Integration Services
  • Understanding Integration Services
  • Exploring and Executing an Integration Services Package in BIDS
  • Exploring and Executing a Package Outside of BIDS
Control Flow
  • Overview of Control Flow in Integration Services
  • Working with Workflow Tasks
  • Precedence Constraints
Data Flows
  • The Data Flow Task
  • Data Viewers
  • Data Flow Transformations
Variables and Configurations
  • Understanding Variables
  • Using Variables in Control Flow
  • Using Variables in Data Flow
  • Configurations
  • Using Variables and Configurations between Packages
Advanced Control Flow
  • Advanced Control Flow Overview
  • Using Containers
  • Transactions Support in Integration Services
Error Handling and Logging
  • When Things Go Wrong
  • Checkpoints
  • Handling Errors and Debugging
  • Packaging Logging
  • Event Handling
Advanced Data Flow
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Transformations
  • Using Advanced Transformations
  • Handling Slowly Changing Dimensions
Package Deployment
  • Deploying Packages
  • Create a Package Deployment Utility
  • Installing a Package
  • Redeploying Updated Packages
Package Management
  • Overview of Package Management
  • Managing Integration Services Packages
  • Executing Packages
  • Integration Services Security
Scripting and Custom Components
  • Extending Integration Services Capabilities through Code
  • Scripting in Control Flows with the Script Task
  • Scripting in Data Flows with the Script Component
  • Custom Integration Services Components
Best Practices
  • Best Practices for Using Integration Services
  • Best Practices for Package Development and Design
  • Data Flow Best Practices
  • Deployment and Management Best Practices
Going Beyond ETL
  • Using Integration Services Beyond ETL
  • Migrating and Maintaining SQL Servers with Integration Services
  • Working with Analysis Services
  • Working with Windows Management Instrumentation


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