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Silverlight 4 for Designers

PDF:  Syllabus
Course Length: 3 days   
Price: $2,250

The Silverlight Workshop is a soup-to-nuts breakdown of Silverlight for professional designers. This includes learning the ins and outs of XAML, hosting in the browser, the tools and using Silverlight on the server.

Who Should Attend?
No prior experience with Expression Design or Blend is necessary.   You also don't need to worry about having experience with XAML or WPF.  We do expect you have some Web design experience and understand the fundamentals of writing Javascript code.
We originally designed this course based on requirements from Microsoft and have delivered the training to a host of Microsoft clients and employees in multiple cities with rave reviews.
This course was created with designers as the target audience.  If you want to bring your pages to life with Silverlight or need to add Silverlight skills to your arsenal as an existing Flash developer, you'll love this class.

Course Outline

Introducing Silverlight
  • Why Silverlight 
  • Designing Your First Silverlight App 
    • Creating the User Experience 
    • Adding Interactivity 
    • Deploying the App 
  • The Silverlight Architecture 
    • Understanding the Runtime 
Silverlight XAML 
  • Drawing with XAML 
    • Layout Model 
    • Graphics 
    • Mouse Cursors 
    • Text 
    • Transformations 
    • Clipping Regions 
  • Animating with XAML
    • Simple Animations 
    • Keyframe Animations 
  • Using Media with XAML 
    • Playing Video 
    • Playing Audio 
Designing for XAML 
  • The Toolset Explained 
    • Expression Design 
    • Expression Blend 
    • Expression Video 
    • Visual Studio 
  • Using Expression Design 
    • Simple Drawings 
    • Complex Scenarios 
  • Using Expression Video 
    • Transcoding in Blend 
    • Creating Silverlight Wrappers for Video 
  • Using Expression Blend 
    • The Project Model 
    • Working with Canvases 
    • Understanding the Property Panel 
    • Animations in Blend 
  • Using Visual Studio 
    • Editing XAML 
    • Adding Event Handlers 
The Silverlight Development Model 
  • Hosting Silverlight 
    • Adding Silverlight to HTML 
    • Working with the Silverlight Host 
    • Adding JavaScript 
  • Event Model 
    • Event Handling 
    • Understanding Bubbling, Tunneling and Direct Events 
    • Working with Keyboard Events 
  • Debugging Silverlight 
    • Handling XAML Errors 
    • Debugging JavaScript 
  • The Hosting Plug-in
    • Finding XAML Elements
    • Using Full Screen Mode
    • Resizing XAML
  • XAML Objects
    • Understanding Properties
    • Managing Events
  • XAML Hierarchy
    • Navigating Collections
    • Managing Collection Elements
  • Dynamic XAML in Silverlight 1.0
 Advanced Silverlight Functionality 
  • Custom Controls 
    • Creating Resuable Controls with Silverlight 1.0 
  • Mixing XAML and HTML 
    • The DOM and the Silverlight Object Model 
    • The HTML DOM and JavaScript 
  • Using Ink
      • Using the Ink Presenter
      • Using Mouse Events
      • Working with Strokes
  • Working with Full-Screen Mode
    • Full-Screen Mode Explained
    • Working with Full-Screen Events
    • Resizing Silverlight for Full-Screen
  • Using the Silverlight Downloader 
    • Downloading Assets 
    • Showing Downloading Status 
  • Streaming Media with Silverlight 
    • Understanding Streaming vs. Loading Media 
    • Video Scrubbing with Silverlight 
    • Using Silverlight Streaming Service 


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