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Onsite Training Advantage

Are you looking for ways to save training dollars and travel cost? Can't come to one of our public classes? We can bring the training to you! All of our courses are available for onsite delivery.

Consider the Advantages of an Onsite Training Class:
  • Customize course content to meet your company's business needs
  • Focus training on your team's challenges in a small group environment
  • Schedule training around your current projects
  • Train your team at your location
  • Save on travel cost for multiple employees
  • You'll receive expert instruction from trainers/mentors with years of real-world experience

If you have four or more people to train, onsite instruction may be the best choice. You provide the students and an appropriately equipped room and we do everything else. We treat every onsite class as a custom course. We can tailor the class to the students in the room and dig deeper into material that is more relevant and useful for your particular needs. In a private setting, the group can discuss their real world challenges and examples with our instructor. Onsite training can be very cost effective. When you send people to a public class, there are usually travel costs involved for each person in addition to the course fee. In some cases travel costs can almost double the total cost of a public training course. With an onsite class, you only pay for the travel cost of our instructor and realize significant savings if you have four or more people to train. By using your facility to host the training, we can offer you a discount on the course fee per student as well.

Here's what you can expect when you contact us about bringing our training onsite:

In our initial conversation, we'll ask you about your learning objectives and why you are seeking training, and we'll also ask you about logistics like when, where, and how many need training to ensure an onsite class is your best option.

We'll ask you questions and listen carefully to your answers to understand your objectives and your context. Ultimately, we will suggest an agenda for the engagement that we believe meets your needs. The agenda we suggest might be a single class, a mix of classes, or even a combination of classes and mentoring. We want to deliver value, so we won't try to sell you something you don't need.

Once we establish an agenda, we'll check our schedule and pick the best open dates that work for you. In order to confirm the dates, we need to execute some paperwork. You can send us a Purchase Order or sign our simple Onsite Training Agreement, or you can send us your standard Contract for external training. We're also happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if needed. We wouldn't make public any private information anyway, but we understand that an NDA is important to some clients.

Once the paperwork is completed and we have confirmed dates, we take care of the details like making our travel arrangements and ordering materials for students. You just need to arrange for a room and let your participants know about the class. A week or two before arriving onsite, the instructor will contact you to confirm the logistics and to talk to you in more detail about your context. This preparation helps the instructor hit the ground running and make the best possible use of the time while onsite.

We will expect to use your computers for the training. Our instructor will bring a notebook computer and we can optionally provide a projector. We will provide you with a list of software and installation instructions for the student's computers or depending on the class, we will bring external USB hard drives preconfigured with an image for the class. We strive to make the setup as painless as possible for onsite classes.

Some frequently asked questions about training onsite:

How many people can be in the onsite classes?
The number of participants varies from class to class, but most of our classes are capped at 15 students. That said, if you have a large group to train, we can work with you to structure an agenda that combines small class style content with larger lecture/demo-based sessions.

There's another company here in town that wants to split the cost of the class with us. Can we do that?
Absolutely! Splitting the cost can be a great way for two, or more, smaller companies to bring in onsite training. However, we'll need to have one of the companies take on the paperwork and responsibility for payment and establish a common venue.

Can we have remote people dial into the classes?
That will depend on the class. All our classes are experience-based with lots of exercises and discussions. Some courses, like the bootcamps are not conductive to remote students dialing in. We will do our best to accomodate your needs and we have supported remote students in several of our past training events.

How long is the day for an on-site class?
Typical course hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM each day. Bootcamps run from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Of course, since the class is at your site, we can work on a schedule that is convenient for you.

Where can we have a custom class?
For most classroom settings, we will need a large room that will comfortably fit a computer per student, the instructor's computer, and a screen or suitable surface for projecting the instructor's computer. A whiteboard for discussions is a nice option but not required. If a room is not available in your facility, we can usually work out the meeting space using local hotels.

Our technical staff is made up of seasoned developers, database administrators and network administrators. Our instructors and mentors all hold multiple Microsoft certifications. Collectively, we have participated in hundreds of successful projects and delivered training to thousands of students. We focus on cutting edge technologies and offer an unparalleled depth of expertise.

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